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                     BENEFITS OF OUR COMPOST

OUR compost is rich and dark, with the ideal moisture content for mulching. It's excellent consistency is due to the way it is slowly and naturally matured for over a year.


Made totally from horse manure, it complies fully with modern

'Organic' standards. But it is still the same great, well-rotted horse muck used by many past generations of wise gardeners


The ideal mulching medium for your shrubberies and herbaceous borders, it is not too fine to blow away, or too coarse to impede easy incorporation into the soil.


Don't forget to add a spadeful or two when planting out new specimens. A light dressing over the lawn and in the orchard in Spring and Autumn will help moisture retention. It will also provide nutrients, keeping your lawn green throughout Summer

Composted horse manure contains the nutrients N.P.K. and trace elements vital to the growth of healthy plants. It also improves the structure of the soil and water retention.


1 Cubic Metre of our compost (approx. 650kgs) will prove sufficient to cover 20 sq metres at a depth of 5cm (2 inches).


Using bagged compost, a typical 75 Litre bag from your local merchant  will cover ONLY 1.5 sq metres.


We only supply in bulk (no bags), with the minimum order being  10 Tonnes (approx 15 Cubic Metres)


THE COST depends on your location, but typically, our compost will cost you 60% LESS  than bagged compost!

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